Scarguard - Scarguard MD (30 ml)

Scarguard - Scarguard MD (30 ml)


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    Scarguard MD was the idea of a plastic surgeon who realized that even doctors don't have total control of the healing process. Some people will heal very well with little scarring while others will not be that fortunate.

    Equally frustrating was the fact that doctors have known for decades that there are ways to improve scar appearance. But most people with scars don't know about these treatments because they have not been easy-to-use, and therefore, have not been recommended widely.

    Finally, this problem has been solved. Scarguard MD patented scar treatment is the only product that combines four treatments into an easy-to-use product. Scarguard MD is a liquid that is easy to apply and dries quickly to a nearly invisible protective film.

    There are thousands of dermatologists and plastic surgeons nationwide using it for the treatment of scars after surgery, after injuries and on old scars as well. They know Scarguard really works!

    Net Weight: 30 ml/1 oz.

    Silicone 12%, Hydrocortisone 0.5%. Vitamin E, Specially-Formulated Flexible Collodion.
    • Clean affected area with mild soap and water, dry thoroughly
    • Brush Scarguard MD on twice daily
    • Allow to dry for 1 minute before coming into contact with clothing
    • You can reapply over existing film. After several applications you will notice that the film begins to peel around the edges. Remove film, wash area and reapply.
    • If you have any difficulty removing the film, use a piece of Scotch Tape to gently remove.
    • Children 12 years or younger - consult a doctor before use.
    Using Scarguard MD and Scarlight MD Together. If you have an old scar that is both raised and darkened
    • Apply Scarlight MD first as indicated above.
    • Once Scarlight MD is absorbed you can then apply Scarguard MD.
    • You will need to remove film before reapplying further applications of Scarlight.
    • If you have any difficulty removing the film use a piece of Scotch Tape to gently remove.

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3 Stars based on 2 reviews
By Trevor
Toronto, ON
Don't waste your money
January 11, 2013
I purchased this product in the past to flatten and eliminate old scar tissue and it did absolutely nothing. It smells exactly like nail polish remover with silicone added. After 8 weeks of daily use their was no change in my old scars. Way too expensive for a placebo!
Merchant Response:All effective scar care products in the market contain silicone which is a common ingredients to relieve the appearance of the scars. In this case the active ingredients of Scarguard MD is Silicone (12.0%) (Scar Management) and Hydrocortisone (0.5%) (Anti-Pruritic). Normally it will take approximately 12 weeks to see the improvement and the continue use of at least 6 months.
Manhattan Beach, California
Scargaurd works!
April 5, 2010
2 months ago I had a scar reduction surgery and have used Scargaurd 24/7 since. It works, and I will be using it for months more in the hope my old hideous scars are reduced to muted lines. Highly recommend the product for new scars, for existing scars not so sure, maybe use the scar fading product they offer.
Proseasy to use
Consexpensive, but it works