Russell Organics - Maracuja Oil

Russell Organics - Maracuja Oil

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    Deep within the virgin forests of Brazil, near the Amazon Rainforest region, grows the Passiflora incarnata, a long woody vine, that produces gorgeous and delicate flowers that yield a delicious fruit known as Passion Fruit. The vines grow up to 50 meters on average.

    The flower from the vine, Passion Flower, has been used medicinally for hundreds of years with anecdotal results ranging from; anti-inflammatory, sedative, soothing, calming, and analgesic.

    The fruit, is harvested for consumption. Maracuja Oil is a by-product of the harvest. Maracuja Oil, known also as Passionfruit Seed Oil, is cold-pressed from the seeds of the wild crafted fruit. Maracuja Oil is a superior emollient skin moisturizer, rich in Vitamin C for instant skin brightening effects.

    The high content of Essential Fatty Acids, makes Maracuja Oil the ideal nourishing and moisturizing beauty product.

    Maracuja Oil contains the following properties from Essential Fatty Acids:

    Linoleic Acid 77%

    Oleic Acid 12%

    Palmitic Acid 8%

    Stearic Acid 2%

    Linolenic Acid 1%

    Russell Organics Maracuja Oil is a superior quality oil to other competing offerings. Our Maracuja Oil is 100% Maracuja Oil, with nothing else in the bottle.

    The Russell Organics Maracuja Oil is replenishing, rehydrating, and restoring, making it beneficial for aging skin.

    Maracuja Oil helps to regulate the sebum level of the skin. This means it keeps the skin from becoming too oily or too dry. Loaded with antioxidants, the oil combats fine lines and wrinkles.

    Maracuja is as versatile as it is effective. Use it as a stand alone moisturizer for your skin. You can also apply it prior to applying your moisturizing cream for an incredible effect. Don't worry, Maracuja absorbs really well and does not leave the skin oily. It is a common misconception that the use of a natural oil will create oily skin. Start small. Use a drop on each side of your nose and gently apply with smooth circular motion. Allow the oil to absorb and see if you need another drop or two. Once you determine the application rate, you will know how much your skin needs. Just wipe away any excess with a tissue.

    Because of the incredible compounds within Maracuja Oil, it is also great for hair. Whether it is revitalizing the scalp or conditioning the ends of towel dried hair, Maracuja Oil can do it all. The best part is that is is 100% natural, with no toxic chemicals. To treat your scalp, apply several drops to the scalp before a shower and massage into the scalp. Allow the oil to penetrate for a few minutes, and then wash the hair as usual. For treating the hair shaft, towel dry your hair, add a few drops through the ends, and style as usual. Remember to start small and slowly build up to your optimum level. One or two drops to start.

    Net Weight: 2 oz. / 60 ml

    Organic Maracuja Oil
    Use one to two drops as needed at night on to well cleansed skin. Allow a few minutes for the oil to fully absorb into the skin. In the morning, cleanse skin as normal. May be used as needed.

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4 Stars based on 1 reviews
By Carmen
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
A plus of hydratation
April 5, 2015
I use it one a week after exfoliating and it leaves my skin smooth and hydrated. I am turning in a RO oil's fan, I have now my second bottle of Lemon Scalp Oil and when I will be done with maracuja I would like to try the squalane oil. They have my trust I don't give the 5 stars because my use is very discontinued
ProsIt works and it is a different way to hydrate
ConsThe tiny bottle!