RevitaLash - Eyelash Conditioner

RevitaLash - Eyelash Conditioner

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    RevitaLash® is a unique eyelash conditioner that will help your lashes achieve the beautiful look of longer, thicker, and fuller eyelashes.

    RevitaLash® is simply applied once a day for the best result. Within three to ten weeks, your own natural eyelashes will look Longer, Thicker, Fuller, and BEAUTIFUL!

    No matter how brittle, short, fragile, thin, or sparse your eye lashes are, RevitaLash® can help you achieve long, beautiful, healthy looking eyelashes.

    Directions: At bedtime, apply a thin line to the base of both the upper and lower eyelashes to produce dramatic results. One brush stroke on the upper lash line and one brush stroke on the lower lash line is sufficient. Only a small amount of Eyelash Conditioner is needed to produce dramatic results!

    Net Weight: 0.13 oz.

    Ingredients: Water, Sodium Chloride, Panthenol, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin, Disodium Phosphate, Trifluoromethyl Dechloro Ethylprostenolamide, Cellulose Gum.


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