Redolent Rogue - Lola's Homage Hydrating Mist

Redolent Rogue - Lola's Homage Hydrating Mist

No Longer Available


    Lola's Homage hydrating facial mist. Fragrance of gardenias, roses, geranium and citrus. Delicious hydration for the skin with the freshness of rose geranium water, soothing gardenia fruit extract, clarity boosting prickly pear oil and quenching Hyaluronic acid serum which reduces and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Net weight: 60 ml / 2 oz.

    A tonic facial mist that hydrates, refreshes and provides moisture to dull and dry skin to boost hydration. Shake bottle gently between use and before application. CLOSE EYES. Hold mister approximately 12 inches or more from face and spray 2-4 times till desired hydration is achieved. Allow mist to air dry OR pat gently with fingertips till absorbed. May also be applied with a cotton pad for targeted hydration. Don't forget the decolletage.

    Suggest use: Apply daily after toner and before your favorite serum and moisturizer for added moisturization. Keep application throughout the day for re-energizing when skin feels fatigued or in need of hydration. Excellent for travel, over sun exposure or anytime to avoid skin that feels dry and dull.