PRIORI - Powder Brush

PRIORI - Powder Brush

No Longer Available


    In search of a better way to apply your face makeup? A way that will spread it around into every area you need it to be? Applying makeup has never been more simple now with the help of PRIORI. PRIORI's Powder Brush is the perfect solution for a circular application of foundation on the face. 100% cruelty free, this wonderful working brush gently massages and invigorates the skin while providing a flawless application. So small and handy, it can be taken anywhere, and can fit in your smallest bag. You will enjoy having and using such a durable makeup brush.

    • 100% cruelty free
    • Increases the blood circulation in the skin
    • Provides a pleasurable experience and flawless application
    Product Type: Tools for Face
    Preferences: Certified Cruelty-Free