Pixi - Fake Awake Kit

Pixi - Fake Awake Kit

No Longer Available


    No.1 PowderNap

    This drawer of instant awakeners gives you the inside secrets to a flawless, radiant & well-rested no-makeup look. Packed with 4 creamy concealers, peachy-nude cheek & eye awakening powder, nude illuminating eye area setting powder, sheer rosy lip & cheek tint and a glowing lip gloss, this kit is sure to get you flawlessly radiant in a few fuss-free seconds.

    Kit contains 2 x Correcting Concealers (2 x 0.84 g/0.03 oz.) , 2 x Brightening Concealers (2 x 0.84 g/0.03 oz.), Cheek & Eye Awakening Powder (3.09 g/0.11 oz.), Eye Area Setting Powder (1.62 g/0.06 oz.), Lip & Cheek Tint (2.9 g/0.1 oz.) and Lip Gloss (2.9 g/0.1 oz.).

    Please See Individual Item.