Pheromones for Men (1.75 oz/ 1 ml) - Blue Label Men Pheromones to Attract Women - Extra Strength Human Pheromones Formula by No 9 Bask


    No. 9 Bask Blue Label for Men Attracting Women
    The Ultimate Attractant & Elite Fashion Accessory. Ultra potent 98.8 % pure pheromones for men & women. Bask No.9 has created a love formula so intense and it's designed to attract & lure anyone! Only one of its kind in the world. Highest concentration made & undetectable. Could be used daily with any of your favourite fragrances or perfumes.
    Bask World Technologies has developed the purest, powerful and highly concentrated, nonharmful, human pheromone product on the global market. Our product is ELITE. Our Pheromones are scientifically produced and synthesized daily at one of the largest biotech companies in the world. Pure, Finest Quality Made.
    Why choose our 98.8% pure Pure Spray (1.75 oz.) - Blue Label?
    Can be used with multiple perfumes as it’s UNSCENTED pheromones
    Extra Strength Concentration of Human Pheromones
    NO 9 BASK will last up to 6 days on clothing and up to 3 days on your body.
    NO 9 BASK removes itself once washed with warm water and soap.
    For Topical use only! This product is not be used in eyes or ingested in any way.
    In the Box:
    1 x No.9 Bask 98.8% Pure Spray Blue Label (1.75 oz)

    Product Type: Body Spray