PETER THOMAS ROTH - MaskTasker Mask Application and Removal Tool


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    An all-in-one soft touch tool for applying skin care preparations, namely, applicator sticks and wands for applying cosmetic lotions to skin, face and body. The patent-pending MaskTasker™ tool is a skin care product applicator sold empty for applying or removing cosmetic lotions to the face and body. It's reusable, and designed to work with any Peter Thomas Roth mask.

    Use the smooth side of the patent-pending MaskTasker™ tool to scoop and spread the mask onto your skin. Use the textured side to gently massage the mask into your skin, ensuring that the product is evenly distributed. When you’re finished masking, use the smooth side again to remove the mask from your skin without soiling your hands or a washcloth. The patent-pending MaskTasker™ tool rinses clean with soap and water.
    Product Type: Masques