PETER THOMAS ROTH - Beta Hydroxy Acid 2% Acne Wash

PETER THOMAS ROTH - Beta Hydroxy Acid 2% Acne Wash

No Longer Available


    Oil-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free, dye-free with salicylic acid 2% medicated cleanser for the treatment of acne and clogged pores and for gentle exfoliating.

    This gentle, yet effective, oil-free acne wash deep cleans without over-drying. Helps eliminate the breakout cycle while it removes excess oil, makeup and bacteria. Soothes and conditions the skin, leaving it "squeaky" clean and oil and residue-free. This product penetrates pores to eliminate, clear up and help prevent the development of new whiteheads, blackheads and acne blemishes while allowing the skin to heal.

    Net Weight: 8.5 oz. / 250 ml

    Active Ingredient: Salicylic Acid 2.00%
    Other Ingredients: Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Lauryl Glocoside, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Propylene Glycol, Methylparaben, Allantoin, Panthenol, Quaternium-15.