Paula Dorf - CURL-UP Eyelash Curler

Paula Dorf - CURL-UP Eyelash Curler

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    Made of gunmetal steel, the curler allows you to get amazing lashes with each use without pinching or pulling the lashes. CURL UP comes with an extra lash pad.

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    Designed with a wide curl surface and rounded pad-extends a fuller stronger curl.

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    • Makeup Tools for Eyes
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    • Eye Brows & Lashes


By Marlene
Paula Dorf vs. Shu uemura
February 1, 2012
After my Shu uemura curler broke, I was determined to find the best eyelash curler out there, after google searching I came across great reviews for this Paula Dorf curler, so i decided to order it. I have to say it is an okay curler, but it's not the best, In my option I like the Shu Uemura one better (it lasted about 1 yr. before the side broke). I noticed with the Paula Dorf curler i have to press multiple times to get obtain the curl I like. With my Shu Uemura one I didnt have to continue to press the curler to obtain my curl. I know it sounds silly but my next purchase will be a Shu Uemura, and plus it comes with an extra curl pad vs. Paula Dorf doesnt. I hope ths helps :)
By Nicole
Los Angeles
not sure what happened
November 10, 2011
I have been using this eyelash curler forever and have always loved it. This last one I got is just not the same. It curls unevenly and my eyelashes always look crazy. Also, there wasn't an extra rubber strip like there normally is. Very disappointed.
By v
the best eyelash curler
March 11, 2010
love this eyelash curler . i used daily ,hey get yours today