Paiva - Autumn Lux Essential Trio Gift Set


No Longer Available


    It's the time of year to be cozy. Show love. Pamper.

    Indulge in a harvest of organic botanicals that are vegan, gluten free and ethically sourced.

    Luxurious. Pampering. Powerful yet Gentle. 


    This limited offer trio is perfect for a Halloween Treat or, a luxurious Autumn hostess gift. 

    The cleanser pumps charcoal black, then eases to a translucent glow, while it gently whisks away impurities. 

    The serum brings balance and a dewy renewal to the face, neck and body.

    Our exclusive logo necklace, the origami bird, lets her remember that she is free, beautiful and that you hold her high.

    Set includes:

    • 1 x Aloe, Gorgeous! Integrated Activated Charcoal Mask & Cleanser
    • 1 x Exclusive Origami Logo Necklace
    • 1 x Sea Your Truth Serum Illuminator, Revitalizer and Cell Stimulator