Nutree Cosmetics - Amazonliss Keratin Smoothing Treatment Hair Straightening Set 2.03 Fl. Oz.


    Amazonliss is an Anti-frizz Treatment System with high power of regeneration of the hair fiber due to the action of Hydrolyzed Keratin and Antioxidant properties of the Acai and Cocoa, natural extracts from Amazon – Brazil that penetrate the cuticle, rebuilding its structure, hydrating and restoring hair damaged, providing a smooth hair and absolute maximum brightness for up to 16 weeks.

    Products Features:

    • BRAZILIAN KERATIN STRAIGHTENING IS THE BEST STRAIGHTENING OPTION FOR HAIR. It is a unique technology for smoothing curls with a long-lasting effect and an innovative procedure for all hair types. Deep effective restoration at the molecular level and straightening of hair without damaging its structure. The trend for perfectly smooth, well-groomed, and shiny hair has made Brazilian hair straightening mega-popular.
    • ITS POPULARITY IS EXPLAINED BY ITS LONG-TERM EFFECT AND THE POSSIBILITY OF TRANSFORMING DAMAGED, WEAKENED HAIR IN JUST ONE PROCEDURE. The most advanced and effective formula has a powerful healing effect. The specially prepared shampoo and mask can help care for the keratin straightening and prolong its effect.
    • THE SHAMPOO DEEPLY CLEANSES AND HELPS TO MAINTAIN A BALANCE OF PROTEINS AND MOISTURE, THANKS TO WHICH THE HAIR RETAINS A SMOOTH SURFACE AND BEAUTIFUL SHINE FOR MUCH LONGER. The nourishing mask enriches the hair with a vitamin complex and complements the action of keratin. Keratin is the base of hair, essentially a protein that gives strength. It naturally gets damaged over time.
    • THIS STRAIGHTENING PROCEDURE ALLOWS YOUR HAIR TO MAKE UP FOR THE LOST NATURAL KERATIN AS A NATIVE PROTEIN FOR THE HAIR. To improve the condition of hair and give it back its strength and luster, Brazil developed a new product called Brazilian Keratin. This unique component not only makes hair even but also penetrates the hair structure, regenerates, restores, fills cavities, and fixes damage. It also saturates it with microelements, seals split ends and moisturizes.
    • ITS MOLECULES PENETRATE DEEP INTO THE CORTEX, SMOOTHING AND STRAIGHTENING THE HAIR AND MAKING IT MORE VOLUMINOUS. The component film envelops the hair in a smooth protective layer, which gives a permanent effect and protection from UV rays, chlorine, styling products, and frequent colorings. Hair becomes more elastic, resilient, vibrant, and silky, with a stunning shine

    Net Weight: 2.03 Fl. oz.

    Contains Blend Of Natural Ingredients Corn, Rice, Wheat And Soya.
    Strengthening, Frizz & Control & Shine