Nutraberry - Raspberry Seed Fiber


    Power up your baking recipes, smoothies, yogurt, and more! Nutraberry's berry seed powders are high in prebiotic polyphenol content, contain over 60% fiber, and are Upcycled. Plus, it tastes great! Nutraberry is a win for consumers, by creating access to healthy choices, a win for the environment by reducing food waste via Upcycling, and a win for farmers, by making the food ecosystem more profitable.

    Net Weight: 8 oz. / 226 g

    Raspberry Seed Powder
    Infuse your food with keto-friendly, prebiotic, polyphenol-rich berry seed fiber for a healthier microbiome and boosted immunity. Our powders are finer and sized, allowing them to be used in baking. When baking over 350o F the seed powder releases pleasant berry notes and mixes well into smoothies and yogurt.
    Product Type: Supplements