Nea Naturals - Fig & Chia Brightening Facial Polish


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    Fig Chia Brightening Facial Polish Naturally, Gently Exfoliates the skin removing old skin cells. Chia seed is loaded with proteins that will penetrate and nourish the skin. Revitalizing - Exfoliant for ALL SKIN TYPES ***This is dry scrub and will need to be mixed with a small amount of water or your favorite Nea cleansing oil. Promotes Cell Turnover * Protein Rich * Revitalizing.

    Product Features:

    • All Natural
    • Cruelty Free
    • Paraben Free
    • Sulfate Free

    Net Weight: 113.4 g / 4 oz.

    Organic White Sugar, Almond) Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Camelia Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Cromollient SCE (Algae Extract), Organic Barbary Fig Seed Oil, Organic Chia Seed. Signature Essential Oil Blend
    Mix approximately a teaspoon amount with water your favorite cleansing oil in your hand first. Then apply to skin and exfoliate in circular motion for 3-5 mins. Rinse with warm water.