Monette Naturals - Pink Rose Herbal Tea Body Polish

Monette Naturals - Pink Rose Herbal Tea Body Polish

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    Have your roses now with the Pink Rose Herbal Tea Body Polish.  The scent makes a lasting impression in your shower.  Soothing Aloe Vera with Himalayan sea salt and rose herbs stimulates and soothes skin. As a result, skin is left glowing while feeling soft and smooth.

    Ingredient Showcase:

    Rose Oil is one of the most highly esteemed essential oils since ancient times. Sourced from rose petals, it is known for its uplifting aroma, containing several therapeutic compounds. It is known for its ability to tone skin, fade marks and enhance one's complexion.

    Our Himalayan salt is harvested from the ancient sea salt deposits beneath the Himalayas, which is very high in minerals. It is treasured for its all-natural pink color, due to trace minerals such as iron, potassium and calcium.

    Net Weight:5 oz.

    Himalayan Sea Salt, Pure Cane Sugar, Rose Tea, Aloe Vera, Almond Oil, Safflower Oil, Roseseed Oil, Clay, Rose Absolute, Vitamin E, Rose Petal Bits.
    Massage over wet skin. Rinse when it starts to dissolve. Prevent water from entering the jar to preserve freshness.