ModelCo - SunSponge Custom Self-Tan

ModelCo - SunSponge Custom Self-Tan

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    ModelCo, the company who 7 years ago pioneered Airbrush Technology and sparked an entirely new beauty category with the award winning TAN AIRBRUSH IN A CAN, once again reinvents the way you tan.

    Introducing the revolutionary SUNSPONGE CUSTOM SELF-TAN, the first ever ergonomically designed self-tan applicator with a high-performance formula delivering your own customized tan.
    SUNSPONGE uses the latest in tanning technology, the formula adjusts to each individual’s skin tone, activating a deep, natural-looking tan that will last for days. The tinted, lightweight formula delivers an instant, sheer bronze glow, for a streak-free application, while the self-tanner develops & intensifies, leaving you with your richest, longest-lasting tan yet. Enriched with Fructiplex™, helps to combat the drying effects of the DHA tanning agent & nourishes, soothes & protects your skin with the moisturising benefits of Wild Rose Hip, Apricot & Palm Tree Extract, helping your tan last even longer. The fast-drying and non-greasy formula is also hinted with an exotic Cocoa Butter fragrance, leaving no tell-tale scent of fake tanning.
    SUNSPONGE’s unique ergonomic design ensures a controlled application for those hard-to-reach areas, whilst the sponge buffs and evens your tan to perfection for a truly professional result.

    Sexy summer skin has never been so easy with SUNSPONGE.


    STEP 1 For best results, cleanse and exfoliate your skin with Modelco TAN REMOVER EXFOLIATING SCRUB prior to use for a smooth, even application.   Do not moisturize before applying SUNSPONGE. Apply within 1 hour of showering to clean skin. Tanning should always be done infront of a mirror to ensure an even application.
    STEP 2 You must shake well before each use and then remove travel cap.  To get started your need to “activate” the SUNSPONGE.  To do this, turn bottle upside down and press the lower part of the sponge quickly against the skin 2-3 times.  This will release the bronze coloured liquid into lower part of the sponge so your application can start.  A quick press is all you need as a little goes a long way.   NOTE:  if you put too much pressure on the sponge or hold it down for too long the tanning solution will continue to flow.
    STEP 3 Use long even strokes with the upper part of the sponge to blend. Use the inbuilt bronzer as a guide to ensure a streak-free application. As you work the self-tan solution into your skin, the sponge will begin to dry, therefore doubling as a buffing cloth. To avoid an uneven tan, apply to one area at a time.
    STEP 4 Once liquid is perfectly blended into one area of the body, move onto the next area, gently pressing the lower part of the sponge once to release more liquid and repeating the above process. Formula can be layered to reach desired intensity. Remember, practice makes perfect!
    STEP 5 Use sparingly on knees, ankles and elbows, only lightly feathering when the sponge applicator is near dry. For optimum even results it is best to get someone else to get SUNSPONGE on your back. If this is not possible, then apply to your back in front of a mirror. When tanning your back you will need to activate on your leg or arm first to release a small amount of liquid into the sponge before you start. 
    STEP 6 It is recommended to allow sponge to dry before replacing cap. Wait at least 10 minutes before dressing and at least 6 hours before washing. For best results, allow SUNSPONGE to develop for 8 hours.

    Net Weight: 150 ml / 5.07 oz.


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