Mirenesse - Chin Tuck V Shape Lifting Serum Mini


    Simply the best

    A fast-acting powerful proprietary serum with the perfect 10 clinically proven ingredients to help remodel the chin and neck area to help breakdown fatty deposits, smooth and bring elasticity back to the skin.

    Problem: Double chin with loose and thinning skin? Solution:A massaging lipolytic roll-on serum to lift, firm, and help chin regain its youthful V shape.

    The Results:

    • Admire a remodeled jawline and firm neck area that defies gravity
    • Welcome tighter more elastic and brighter smoother skin
    • Restore V shape to drooping saggy jowls
    • Renewed skin texture, contours are reshaped skin elasticity is boosted.
    • Streamlined chin that defies its age, looks youthfully V shaped

    "The Perfect 10"

    Net Weight: 10 g / 0.35 oz.

    Key Ingredients: Clinically Proven:
    • Lyslastine- Stimulates Elastin Enzyme LOXL Expression +64% +Reorganises Collagen
    • Idealift- Powerful Anti-Sagging + Lifting + Elastin Stimulator
    • Phytosonic- Anti-Fat Storage Remodelling - Decreases Fat Tissue Thickness- Has An Ultrasound Like Effect.
    • Revidrate- Stimulates The Entire Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF)-Skin Revival And Hydration
    • COQ-10- Skin Cell Protective Antioxidant Against Ageing
    • Rice Stem Cells- Protects Skin Stem Cells
    • Caffeine- Stimulates Lipolysis In Cells
    • Hyaluraonte – Skins Own Super Moisturiser
    • Egf-1- Epidermal Growth Factor With 53 Amino Acids
    • Niacinamide- Anti-Agespots + Brightens, Evens - Refines Skin Tone + Texture