Mio - The Mio Body Brush

Mio - The Mio Body Brush

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    This is your must have tool for smooth, stimulated and orange-peel free skin. Our natural boar bristle brush with massage nodules is super simple to use and it really works.

    • Helps with lymphatic drainage, removing toxins and bloat
    • Exfoliates, revealing smoother, fresher, more vibrant skin
    • Helps release stubborn lumpy areas, improving cellulite

    Your skin is a major organ of elimination and detoxification – just like your liver, colon and kidneys. Your lymphatic system uses your skin to help detox and it over one third of your body’s daily Impurities are excreted through your skin. So when we talk about your Mio goal of having FIT, healthy, well-functioning skin, you now know exactly why it is so important.
    As we get a little older, our skin becomes less efficient at this whole detox/elimination process and less effective at naturally shedding the layers of dead skin cells that clog up the surface. Body brushing is a fast and very effective way of helping keep your skin in peak condition.

    Net Weight:

    Made Of Natural Boar Bristles (not Nylon!), Rubber Massage Nodules, Sustainable Bamboo And A Comfy Cotton Handle.
    Dry Body Brushing:

    Best done in the morning, perhaps before you shower.
    Start at soles of your feet (We know, side benefit is it tickles).
    Work up your calves, Always brush in the direction of your heart (so upwards on legs). This means you are moving in the natural direction of your lymph system. Lymph nodes are found all over the body, with clusters in the neck, underarms, chest, abdomen, groin and knees. Remember the backs of your knees when brushing your thighs!
    Pay special attention to backs of thighs or areas where you have cellulite. Use upward strokes.
    Before moving onto your upper body, brush your hands and arms, again moving brush towards heart.
    Brush under arms too, and pay special attention to wobbly backs of upper arms.
    Then brush your back, as much as you can reach (or ask your partner to help!).
    Finally brush your tummy and chest – using clockwise sweeps on tummy, following the direction of your digestive system. Adjust the pressure of the brush to the different parts of your body so it is comfortable. It should be stimulating enough to increase circulation but gentle on your skin. You should see a rosy flush to the areas you have brushed. It’s good to try and give a minimum of 3 minutes for this whole body brushing, ideally 3 times a week.

    Product Type: Body Scrubs & Exfoliants
    Concerns: Cellulite
    Preferences: Natural