Manscaped - The Plow

Manscaped - The Plow

No Longer Available


    Double Edged Safety Razor

    Created to give you a close, refined shave, our single blade, double-sided razor embodies traditional design lines. Built using high quality, highly durable, tempered stainless steel, our safety razor features a rust-proof, matte satin finish. After using The Lawn Mower, utilize this one-of-kind razor for an extra sense of refinement and smoothness.

    • Single blade to reduce razor burn and irritation
    • Designed for sensitive skin
    • Replacement blades included
    • Works with all Manscaped Refining Products™

    Engineering Callouts:

    • High quality, highly durable stainless steel design
    • Double-edged single blade for increased comfort & maneuverability
    • Guard for easy glide and safety

    After using the electric trimmer, utilize this one-of-kind precision razor for further refinement. Focusing on and around your delicate areas, carefully maneuver the Plow slowly to perfect lines, or clean up areas that require a closer shave.

    Product Type: Shaving Tools