MagicStripes - Magnetic Youth Mask (3 Masks)

MagicStripes - Magnetic Youth Mask (3 Masks)

No Longer Available


    Treatment masks are a thing of beauty, they work like magic. These Magnetic Youth Masks by MagicStripes are a unique skin treatment that makes use of magnetic force to help accelerate circulation of blood and fluids on the skin. The result are an increased generation of red blood cells, as well as accelerated metabolism. It helps update aging cells and promotes stimulation of healthy growth of new cells. As magnetic field is generated in the blood, there is an improved transport of toxins, excess water and impurities out of the body, helping restore, refresh and smoothen the skin. You also get improved peripheral circulation with this soft and light mask that is easy to use. It is skin-friendly and paraben-free, with natural plant essences that are easily absorbed by the skin for a moisturized and healthier overall feeling. It effectively detoxes and depuffs the skin, accelerates cell renewal, prevents micro wrinkles turn into deeper wrinkles, and helps slow down the aging process of the skin, for a more vibrant look, no matter how old you are.

    • A unique treatment mask that integrates the force of magnets to help with circulation of blood and fluid in the face.
    • With the magnetic field the treatment generates in the blood, toxins, excess water and impurities are transported out of the body.
    • Made with natural plant essences that are easily absorbed by the skin for a healthier, smoother and more moisturized feeling.
    • Helps accelerate cell renewal, aids in slowing down skin aging, as it improves skin metabolism.
    • The skin-friendly, treatment mask is soft and light and paraben-free.

    Net Weight: 3 individually packaged masks for single applications

    Aqua, Glycerin, Betaine, Glyceryl Polymethacrylate, Propanediol, Trehalose, Aloe Barbadensise Leaf Juice, Bisabolol, Carbomer, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin.
    Clean your face thoroughly and dry it. Place the mask on the face, adjust it and press it gently on your skin. Remove the mask after 20-30 minutes and pat your skin gently to allow the remaining essence to be absorbed by the skin. Use each mask only once.
    Product Type: Anti-AgingMasques
    Concerns: Firmness (Facial)Wrinkles & Fine Lines
    Preferences: Parabens-Free
    Ingredients: GlycerinAloe Vera