Lunaescent - Clean Skin Labs - Touch-Free Skincare Applicator/Universal Beauty Tool


    Our Touch-Free Skincare Applicator/Universal Beauty Tool's exclusive design (patent pending) is the culmination of extensive testing focused on optimal application of skincare products. Each Applicator comes with two silicone pads — one "smooth" pad (for application of skincare products without waste and contamination), and one "textured" pad (for massaging and lymphatic drainage) — providing an efficient. clean, and touch-free method to apply skincare products without using fingers. Our Applicator also combines the benefits of several beauty tools — avoiding their downsides — into a single, easy-to-use tool. There are no batteries, no complicated cleaning, little maintenance, and the pads have a long-use life.

    Our Applicator is the beauty tool that does it all!

    Product Uses:

    • Application of lotions, oils, serums, and similar products on the skin. The smooth pad picks up and fully deposits skincare product onto the skin without mess, wastage, unwanted absorption into fingertips, or contamination. The pads can be warmed up in the microwave or with warm water to help with the absorption of beauty oils and serums.
    • Application of liquid foundation and other liquid makeup products. The smooth pad is ideal for an efficient and streak-free makeup application. No more colored/oily fingers.
    • Application of sunscreen on-the-go. Sun lotions and creams turn fingers sticky/slippery/oily, and spray sunscreens are hazardous when inhaled. Ideal for a day at the beach, or for playing sports such as golf, tennis, sailing, hiking, and more.
    • Application of skincare products for those with acrylic and long nails. No more wastage of product under fingernails, or difficulty applying eye-cream around eyes.Massaging, depuffing, lymphatic drainage, and exfoliating. Store the textured pad in the freezer for a refreshing massage, lymphatic drainage, and depuffing experience.


    • Gua Sha – Apply beauty oil on the textured silicone pad and massage skin to promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, improve fine lines and wrinkles, and smooth out tension lines on the forehead and around the mouth.
    • Jade Roller – Apply beauty oil or other skincare product on the smooth silicone pad to help with greater absorption and blood circulation. The silicone pads can be stored in the freezer or warmed up in the microwave or with warm water.
    • Eye Cream Applicator – Hold the Applicator handle horizontally to apply eye cream around the eye area, promote circulation, and reduce puffiness.
    • Gentle Exfoliator – Apply any exfoliator of choice to the textured pad to gently exfoliate sensitive skin.

    Net Weight: Applicator: 0.6 oz Silicone Pads (each): 0.2 oz

     Our Applicator prevents unwanted absorption into fingers allowing users to use less product. Apply 1/2 of the amount of product you normally use to the pad. Divide up the product by dabbing on different areas of the face or the skin. Rub in using circular and outward motions. Apply more if needed. For around the eye area, apply the product to the narrow part of the oval pad, hold the applicator horizontally, and gently smooth on the product.

    Ingredients: Pads are made of non-toxic, Platinum grade silicone.

    Product Type: Skincare Tools