Lunaescent - Clean Skin Labs - Slim Profile Carry Case (Green)


    Our Slim Profile Carry Case allows users to carry our Touch-Free Skincare Applicator/Universal Beauty Tool with them anywhere. You no longer have to worry whether your hands are clean before applying sunscreen or makeup when outside. Simply place our Applicator in its Carry Case and you will have a hygienic and mess-free way to apply skincare products, anywhere, anytime!

    Our Carry Case is a game-changer for outdoor sports such as tennis, golf, and water sports – apply sunscreen with no mess and no slippery fingers. It is also ideal for days at the beach (no more gritty sand on the face) or the playground. The Carry Case is so slim that it will easily slip into your back pocket or any gym bag or purse.

    Product Features:

    • Slim Profile - Fits in purses, gym bags, and pockets.
    • Easy to Clean - Wipe with any moist or disinfecting wipe or wash with soap and water.
    • Hinged Lid with Secure Clasp - Shuts securely.

    Net Weight: 1.9 oz

    Tin Metal
     Place the Applicator face down in the Carry Case and snap the lid shut.
    Product Type: Skincare Tools