Loloma - Pure Virgin Coconut Oil


    Loloma Fiji Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Nature’s purest moisturizer for You and babies.

    Only the freshest and best coconuts from sustainable organic Fijian coconut plantations are handpicked and harvested. Loloma Fiji brings you a light scented moisturizer with a highly absorbent texture. Processed naturally, totally chemical and additive free, its coconut oil in its purest form.

    Naturally a deep moisturizer, reduces redness, soothes irritated skin and with fast acting itch relief. It won’t leave an oily residue yet it's packed with natural oils and excellent on dry and sensitive skin.

    Beauty Uses: You can boost your beauty routine with Loloma Virgin Coconut Oil.

    Face: With natural vitamin E and healthy fats, apply to your face as a cleanser, moisturizer and for spot treatment. The oil hydrates for up to 24 hours and is renowned for its anti-aging properties. Great as a make-up remover.

    Body: An amazing moisturizer for your body. With anti-oxidant properties it can soothe eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

    Bath: Add Loloma to your bath water for a beautiful soak. Skin will feel nourished and revitalized.

    Hair: Nature’s purest hair savior! Use on dry ends, or as an all over hair mask. Experience nourished locks with more shine.

    Also great for babies as it Nourishes and Protects Skin: Loloma organic coconut oil nourishes the skin and can be applied externally as a baby lotion to dry skin areas. Free of any added perfumes, it also assists by soothing baby eczema.

    Apply on Diaper Rash and Cradle Cap: With its nutrient-rich and hypo-allergenic formula it helps soothe itchy, inflamed and irritated skin caused by diaper rash on babies.Apply gently once oopsies have been cleaned and leave your baby’s skin deeply moisturized and help avoid further diaper rash. Organic coconut oil is an ideal moisturizer to massage on to baby’sscalp, we recommend leaving it for 20 minutes.

    Brings on sleep with massage: Mother Nature knows best, Loloma is a perfect massage oil that is purely organic and safe for a baby's sensitive skin. Baby massage canstrengthen the bond between parent and baby and aids relaxation before bed.

    You will love LOLOMA (which not coincidentally means love in Fijian).

    Net Weight:3.38 fl oz.

    Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
    Scoop a very little amount with the spatula and apply to intended areas, a little goes a long way.