Lizush - Natural Soap Bars With Essential Oils - Gift set


    Natural Handmade Soap Set Includes:

    You will get total of 6 soaps:

    • Lavender soap
    • Yalng Yalng Orange soap
    • Grapefruit soap
    • Eucalyptus soap
    • Himalayan soap
    • Lemongrass soap

    At Lizush we believe that you deserve the best. Working hard all week and taking care of your family and loved ones, it’s now time that someone else will take care of you. We therefore created All Natural Soap Bars with you in mind:

    High quality all natural materials

    • We use only natural colorant made from spices and herbs
    • We use only high quality essential oils for scent

    Our goal at Lizush is to make you feel good and look your best!

    Net Weight: Each soap is approx 4 oz.

    All 100% Natural - Each Product Has The Ingredients List On It.
    Use as you would normally use soap