Lippmann Collection - Candy Shop Nail Lacquer

Lippmann Collection - Candy Shop Nail Lacquer


    Bubblegum pink (glitter).

    Net Weight: 0.5 oz. / 15 ml


    • product title:
    • Candy Shop Nail Lacquer
    • product-type:
    • Nail Polish
    • collection:
    • glitter


By anita jarbandhan
almere buiten netherlands
Candy Shop Nail Lacquer
January 28, 2013
bubbel gum colour,full of glitter. very amazing glitter polish like al DL glitter polish. needs 2 layers to cover, but it is chipping very fast , already after 1-2 days. even when i use chip dip of opi, i like to try the chip dip of DL. very soft nail polish, but needs al lot of patience to remove, 30-45 minutes. but with DL remover you can remove then all.
Proscolour, glitter, quality for nails and haelth
Conschipping to fast
By Daria
I'm happy
October 16, 2012
it is amazing. Thank you.
ProsIt's good.
By Austen
Staunton, VA
April 28, 2012
This is a great color. I'm not going to lie, it looks a little bit like a birthday party/ cupcake/ cotton candy threw up on your nails, but I love it anyways. It has a great formula and is opaque in two to three coats. There are some dupes out there, but none of them compare. The glitter in this one is wonderfully suspended and lies flat against the nail unlike some others.
Prosformula color unique