Leonor Greyl - Tonique Vegetal (Spray for oily scalp)

Leonor Greyl - Tonique Vegetal (Spray for oily scalp)

No Longer Available


    For Oily Scalp

    Do you suffer from an oily scalp? Not to fear, Tonique Vegetal (Spray for oily scalp) from Leonor Greyl is a leave-in oily scalp tonic that can slow down those seborrheic secretions which are the cause of your oily scalp. Allow your hair to become more easily manageable, help hairstyles last longer, and give more body to your lovely locks. Formulated with vitamins, oiligo-elements, amino acids, as well as plant extract with decongestant, astringent, antiseptic, and remineralizing effects for the skin. Increase the esthetic hair quality of your hair today, you don't want to miss out on this amazing product!

    • Gives body and manageability to oily hair
    • Tonic for oily hair
    • Adds body and manageability
    • Eliminates all problems caused by excessive sebum

    Net Weight: 5.25 oz.

    Sage (antiperspirant), Iris (antiseborrheic), Horsetail (Remineralises), Collagen And Film Forming Proteins (shine And Body).
    Seaweed extracts and marine components, Native collagen, Oligo-elements
    Product Type: Serums
    Concerns: Seborrheic DermatitisDandruff & Oily Scalp
    Hair Types: Oily
    Ingredients: BiotinNiacinPanthenol