Leonor Greyl - Bain Volumateur Aux Algues (For fine or limp hair)


No Longer Available


    Is your hair thin and limp and in desperate need of volumizing? Not to fear, Bain Volumateur Aux Algues (For fine or limp hair) from Leonor Greyl can target these problems and will give you extraordinary results! Improve volume and give your hair the bounce and body that you have been yearning for which offers a wonderful conditioning effect as well. Improve styling from your hair without weighing it down, it will be detangled, and you will gain a shine that won't go unnoticed. Do not hesitate to try this product, we promise you are not going to regret it!

    • Adds volume
    • Gives shine to the hair
    • Detangles without weighing down the hair

    Net Weight: 7 oz.

    Seaweed, Oligo Elements, Wheat Protein.
    Apply Leonor Greyl Bain Volumateur Aux Algues as a shampoo in a small quantity (5ml) leave it on at least 1 minute before rinsing it thoroughly. A second application is recommended.
    Product Type: Shampoos
    Concerns: Thin, Limp & Fine Hair
    Hair Types: NormalDamaged
    Ingredients: AlgaeAmino AcidsJojobaLactic AcidWheat Protein