Le Couvent des Minimes - Eau Sereine Relaxing Pillow Mist


No Longer Available


    Inspired by the breathtaking surroundings of the Convent, this botanical fragrance captures the tranquil waters of a lake high in the mountains of Haute-Provence.

    Drift away to peaceful relaxation with this gentle mist. The scent blends essential oils with florals for a fragrance that evokes a sense of calmness. Simply spray the fragrance onto your linens or in your bedroom, and allow the soothing scent to provide an instant feeling of well-being.

    • Lavender and Bergamot: relaxing
    • Mandarine: revitalizing
    • Cedar: energizing

    Net Weight: 100 ml / 3.3 oz.

    Spray over pillow before going to bed.
    Preferences: Essential Oils
    Collections: Eau Sereine