Lavanila - Forever Fragrance Oil Pure Vanilla


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    Get long lasting sweet fragrance with Lavanila's Forever Fragrance Oil Pure Vanilla. Smell good all day long with hints of vanilla and almond that will tickle you and your special someone's senses. Just apply on your pulse points like on your wrist, neck base, or the back of your ears and experience a beautiful aroma that also hydrates. Some of the key ingredients that will help you achieve this all-day aroma are Tonks bean, Heliotrope and Madagascar vanilla bean. These ingredients blend together for a burst of lasting aroma whenever you need it. With it's ideal size, you can easily apply whenever you need it, wherever you are. Store it in your purse and bring it during travels for instant, lasting fragrance.

    Fragrance Notes: vanilla

    • A forever fragrance made with almond oil.
    • Made with key ingredients such as Tonks bean, Heliotrope and Madagascar vanilla bean.
    • Keeps you sweet smelling and hydrated.
    • Uses only all-natural essential oils.

    Net Weight: 8 ml / 0.27 oz.

    100% Botanical Fragrance Oil.

    May Contain: Nuts

    Apply to pulse points (wrist, base of neck, behind ears, bend of elbows) for the longest lasting results. Apply to clean, dry skin.
    Product Type: Perfumes
    Preferences: NaturalEssential OilsCertified Cruelty-Free
    Collections: Pure Vanilla