LaTweez - Violet Ombre+Diamond Dust


    LaTweez makes plucking easy with their Violet Ombre+Diamond Dust Illuminating Tweezers. It is made with an exclusive Diamond Dust tip technology which adds grip on the surface of tips which allows for effortless plucking. It has a high-grade stainless steel bodied design with exclusive triangle arm cutouts then a Swarovski crystal for the on/off button. The tips are hand filed and aligned perfectly making each tweeze a guarantee. It also has an ultra bright LED light that shines on the area of plucking, making hard to reach hairs accessible. Use it at home and on-the-go with the chic carrying case in a compact size and a bonus of a built-in magnifying mirror.

    • An illuminating tweezer that does the job effortlessly great for use at home or on-the-go with its chic carrying case in violet Ombre.
    • With an exclusive Diamond Dust tip technology which adds grip to the surface making plucking hair seamless.
    • Designed with a high-grade stainless steel body, exclusive triangle arm cutouts, an on/off button made with Swarovski crystal.
    • The tips are hand filed making it aligned and guaranteed easy tweezing.
    • Has a bright LED light that illuminates the areas you want to tweeze.
    High-Grade Stainless Steel Body's, Exclusive Triangle Arm Cutouts And A Swarovski Crystal On/off Button
    Product Type: Tools