LaTweez - Black Illuminated + Diamond Dust


    Plucking has never been this easy with this Black Illuminated + Diamond Dust by LaTweez. These are not your ordinary tweezers with a unique and classy design. It makes use of the exclusive Diamond Dust tip technology which simply adds extreme grip on the surface making plucking flawless every time. You get a great black finish with a high-grade stainless steel for the body, exclusive triangle arm cutouts plus an elegant Swarovski crystal for the on/off button. You get hand filed tips that make tweezing easy because both tips are perfectly aligned. To get hard to reach hair, the LED is super illuminating and will help you get the job done. No matter where you go, it is easy to bring with the chic carrying case that is compact in size and with a bonus of a built-in magnifying mirror.

    • An illuminating tweezer in a black finish that makes hair plucking flawless and effortless.
    • Has an exclusive Diamond Dust tip technology that adds grip on the tip's surface for easy tweezing.
    • With a high-grade stainless steel body and a Swarovski crystal for the on/off button, plus exclusive triangle arm cutouts, and an LED light.
    • Tips are hand filed making it perfectly aligned for easy plucking.
    • Perfect for on-the-go use with its chic carrying case that is super compact and with a built-in magnifying mirror.
    High-Grade Stainless Steel Body's, Exclusive Triangle Arm Cutouts And A Swarovski Crystal On/off Button
    Product Type: Tools