La Bella Donna - Eyeshadow Compact Colour Quad Sedona Sunset

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    Amidst the red rocks of Arizona and glorious beaute of Sedona's sun sets, the EYES become the face focus for spring 2011. The Compact Colour of compressed mineral eye shadows may be described as a fiery glow, just as the day gives way to night on a fantastic evening in Sedona. The silky textured, laser-milled mineral eye shadows do not irritate the lid and may be used wet and dry, containing no FD&C dyes, talc, oil, alcohol, cornstarch or fragrance. THE COLLECTION: Mineral shades of: Rust, Grey, Deep Taupe and Bone are presented in four quads of colour, placed in the La Bella Donna Slim, Silver Mirrored Compact and Signature Grey Pouch. These new mineral colours offer numerous application techniques with Rust as this spring season's dominant colour of choice.

    Net Weight: 0.304 oz. / 8.64 g

    Use as direct.