KC Shave Co. - Stanley - Beautiful Safety Razor Kit With Premium Shave Brush


    When we started developing and designing the Stanley we wanted to create a modern classic.  For us, our shave kits are a start to finish experience we strive to provide.  When the package arrives we aim to make a good first impression.  As you take out the box, you’ll notice the style, weight, and sturdiness which will make for a handy box to store your shaving bowls and soaps on the vanity.  As you open it, you will, of course, discover the beautiful safety razor right away.

    In the box, you will find a box of replacement blades and under the Replacement Blades tab, we carry more as you need them. Once you’ve got your safety razor loaded, you will note how much grip the handle provides and how you can really determine how aggressive you want to shave with it. We included a boar’s hair black handle brush in this kit.  It fits perfectly on the stand and is incredible at working up your perfect lather.  Whether you prefer a more running lather or a foamy lather, either way, this brush will do an amazing job for you.  This shave stand is really nice as it allows you to both displays your shaving instruments on your vanity and gives them a nice place to properly try after use.

    Product Type: Sets & KitsShaving Tools