Jenna Hipp - Nail File Blue Wave

Jenna Hipp - Nail File Blue Wave


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    Taking care of your skin is a very important part of your well being since it is your largest organ. However, we can't forget to get down to the smallest part of our bodies, our nails! They are growing everyday, so we need to keep them groomed and neat.

    Great for men and women

    Nails will look clean and polished in minutes


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    • Nail File Blue Wave
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    • Nail Polish
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By Veronica S
Boston, MA
Color waves!
May 15, 2015
These bright blue colored nail files when kept together gives an impression of color waves. This is a very useful and handy product and I would definitely recommend them. This is a unisex product and trims and grooms my nails in minutes giving them a neat and polished look.
Pros- Easy to use and portable. - Reasonably priced.
Cons- Must be used cautiously.