Japonesque - Waterless Brush Cleanser

Japonesque - Waterless Brush Cleanser

No Longer Available


    The life of a makeup pro is like being a quick change artist. You can change on the go to make up each stunning look, a new one for every event and destination. So how do you keep up when you're switching to a new dashing color or complementing shade? What if there isn't a sink in sight? The Japonesque waterless brush cleanser helps you stay on schedule even when you're on the go. The brush cleanser removes any cosmetics. In seconds, it's a clean and dry brush again. You can add your next color and arrive in style.

    • Immediately reuse brush
    • Cleans without water
    • Dries in seconds

    Net Weight: 2.3 oz

    SD 40B Alcohol, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Fragrance/Parfum.

    Hold the bottle about six inches from the brush and spray it onto the head. Slowly rotate the brush head around on a paper towel or terry cloth to remove, and repeat as needed. Air out your brush and test its dryness on a clean paper towel. WARNING: Flammable, please keep away from flame. For external use only. Keep it out of eyes and if contacted, flush with water. Contact a physician if swallowed.

    Product Type: Brush Cleaners
    Ingredients: Castor Oil