Japonesque - Velvet Touch Eye Brush Set

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Japonesque - Velvet Touch Eye Brush Set

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    Japonesque - Velvet Touch Eye Brush Set helps you highlight and fashion your eyes in in smooth, silky, sophisticated perfection. Japonesque designed the brushes just like the ones the experts use. The handles are easy to use and the brushes pick up the perfect amounts of make-up each and every time and create flawless, airbrush finishes. They're the perfect size for everyday use, as well as for travel. They're an essential for every woman. The exclusive Japonesque - Velvet Touch Eye Brush Set includes: Crease Blending Brush  a professional make-up artist's favorite tool. It has fluffy, tapered, natural bristles that allow color tones to diffuse and capture light. An essential tool for the smoky eye. Elliptical Brush  the fibers on this beveled tip brush help create perfect lines and creases. Smudger Brush  this brush blends and softens harsh lines for focused definition and blurring, which create dramatic, stunning looks. Angled Eyeliner Brush  the soft, synthetic fibers create perfect lines regardless of whether you're using gels, creams, powders, or liquids.

    • The essential eye brush collection
    • Perfect size for daily use and travel
    • Easily create expert looks
    • Blend and buff to create perfect, flawless finishes
    Exclusive Set includes: Crease Blending brush is a makeup artist favorite, containing silky, natural fibers that taper to a fluffy dome for exceptional airbrushed color diffusion. Cut Crease brush is a must-have for exquisite eyelid definition and smoky eye blending. Elliptical brush fibers are packed into a beveled tip for an effortless crease line and precise application. Smudger brush softens harsh lines instantly for focused definition and line blurring. Angled Eyeliner brush contains soft, synthetic fibers for precise, customizable lining and fluid calligraphy of gels, creams and liquids.
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