Japonesque - Makeup Brush Cleanser Rosewater Scent (4.25 oz.)

Japonesque - Makeup Brush Cleanser Rosewater Scent (4.25 oz.)

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    You only buy the highest quality makeup brushes because they perform the best. �You have to, therefore, care for them properly. �That means you have to clean them regularly. �Such maintains their performance and extends their life. �It also keeps your skin healthy � everything that touches your skin must always be clean. Japonesque® Makeup Brush Cleanser is the expert way to clean your brushes. The specially formulated solution immediately removes all traces of old makeup including cream, powder, wax-based, or gel products. �Japonesque® Makeup Brush Cleanser. Just put a few spritzes on a paper towel or soft cloth and gently sweep it back and forth along your brushes. dry off with a clean part of the soft cloth or towel. You now have fresh, clean, like-new brush to use.Ideal for professionals.

    • Maintain the life and beauty of your makeup brushes
    • Your makeup brushes deserve Japonesque's top quality care
    • Clean makeup brushes help keep your skin healthy
    • Use your makeup brushes immediately after cleaning them

    Net Weight: 30 ml / 1 oz

    C11-13 Isoparaffin, Cyclopentasiloxane, Ethyl Trisiloxane, Limonene, SD Alcohol 40

    Spray a paper towel or terry cloth with a couple spritzes of cleanser and gently brush back and forth to instantly clean your brushes free of makeup. Swipe a couple more times on a dry section of the towel to dry off any excess moisture and continue using right away!

    Product Type: Brush Cleaners