Japonesque - Kumadori Lipstick Bamboo

Japonesque - Kumadori Lipstick Bamboo

No Longer Available


    The drama, beauty and personal expression that is Kumadori is captured in this exquisite luxe lipstick. Creamy, ultra-pigmented bold color delivers long-lasting full coverage with one stroke. Kumadori signature ingredients, silk powder and Tsubaki oil create a moisturizing formula for flawless lips.


    Net Weight: 4 g / 0.141 oz.

    Follow your natural lip line to evenly cover lips in one smooth application. Use a JAPONESQUE lip brush to further outline lips to create a fuller looking pout.
    Product Type: Lipstick
    Collections: Kumadori
    Ingredients: MicaTitanium DioxideShea ButterSunflower OilTocopherol