Japonesque - Kumadori Collection Contour and Highlight Brush

Japonesque - Kumadori Collection Contour and Highlight Brush

No Longer Available


    Wear your own bold expression proudly. Japonesque's heritage meets modern makeup precision in bringing you Kumadori brushes from the Kabuki theater tradition. Its patterns portray bring out the significant aspects and unique powers of the character's personality with stunning lines just like the authentic expression of your makeup. The Kumadori Contour/Highlighting Brush replicates the craftsmanship of its namesakes' artists so you have a beautiful brush for sophisticated strokes. A professional makeup tool, the brush's handle gives you precision while the natural fibers deposit powders lightly. You can capture your personality with perfect contour and highlights.

    • Kumadori-style brush for contouring and highlighting
    • Wood handle for better control
    • Natural fibers
    Product Type: Tools for FaceTools for Cheeks
    Collections: Kumadori