Japonesque - Dual Fiber Eye Brush Set

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Japonesque - Dual Fiber Eye Brush Set

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    Give them the look. Whether you're posing fiercely for a picture or attracting someone across the room. A great eye look is a piece of art that needs fine brushes to master the coloring, the details, and the blending of creams and shadows. The Japonesque dual fiber eye brush set includes a Fluff Shadow Brush, Eye Shadow Crease Brush, and a Eye Detailer Brush. They are made with care so you can treat your eye look the same way. Handcrafted for professionals, each includes a soft blend of synthetic fibers so you can effortlessly control your eye look and the room.

    • 3-brush set
    • Blends creams, shadows and pigments
    • Soft synthetic fibers
    Product Type: Brush Sets