Japonesque - Complexion Trio Brush Set

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    Japonesque - Complexion Trio Brush Set is the one make-up brush set every woman must have. This one set provides everything you need for perfect make-up application. And, the size is perfect for both home and travelling. The set includes: point concealer brush, angled foundation brush,stippling brush. With The Japonesque - Complexion Trio Brush, you'll be able to perfectly and expertly apply Japonesque concealer and foundation and then buff and blend for a flawless, exquisite airbrushed look. The brushes are just like the ones the pros use, with beautiful bristles that pick up the perfect amount of make-up each and every time.

    • Each brush takes up the perfect amount of make-up, every time
    • Brushes just like the pros use
    • Use them every day for flawless, perfect make-up application
    • This one set provides all your make-up needs
    • Perfect for daily use and for travel
    Product Type: Brush Sets