Japonesque - Brush Cleansing Trio

Japonesque - Brush Cleansing Trio

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    The Japonesque - Brush Cleansing Trio is the ideal cleaning solution for all your make-up brushes. All the cleansers gently, yet effectively, remove make-up and dirt and grime, and dissolve powders, residues, waxes, adhesives, and liquids, from all your brushes. Plus, they all condition the bristles. They'll keep all your brushes looking and working as if they were brand new. You invested good money in your brushes. Keep them in good working order by cleaning them regularly with The Japonesque - Brush Cleansing Trio. The trio includes: Makeup Brush Cleanser in Citrus Scent (1.0 oz) Makeup Brush Cleanser in Coconut Scent (1.0 oz) Makeup Brush Cleanser in Rosewater Scent (1.0 oz)

    • Expertly cleans all your brushes
    • So simple to use
    • Keeps all your brushes looking and working like new
    • Works immediately
    • You can actually it removing make-up and grime from the bristles
    Product Type: Brush Cleaners