Japonesque - Baby Penguin Safety Nail Clipper and File

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    Do you dread having to clip your child's nail each time? Have you ever wanted to found a pair of nail clippers that your child would not be afraid of? Look no further than Japonesque's Baby Penguin Safety Nail Clipper and File. These nail clippers are not only adorable, but your child will never dread having their nails clipped again. The moment that they see how cute these clippers are, they will be so excited that you get to use them! They are so safe and gentle that you will be very happy that you found them and so will your child.

    • Safe
    • Gentle
    • Adorable
    • Affordable
    Pull the cover off of the penguin and you can begin to file and clip your child's nails instantly and safely.

    Product Type: Mother & Baby