Japonesque - Baby Hippo Hair Brush

Japonesque - Baby Hippo Hair Brush

No Longer Available


    This hair brush is not only adorable, but is made with soft and gentle bristles. Sometimes brushing your young child's hair can be painful. You will no longer be afraid to do so when you use this Baby Hippo Hair Brush from Japonesque. There will be no more pulling of the hair or scratching of the scalp when you use this gentle brush for your child's fine hair. This adorable, pink hair brush helps keep your child's hair from breaking and helps it to grow strong and beautiful. You may dread hair brushing time now, but wait until you use the Japonesque Baby Hippo Hair Brush.

    • Adorable
    • Gentle
    • Easy to use
    Take the brush out of the container and brush your child's hair gently.

    Hair Type: All hair types.

    Hair Types: Baby Hair