Japonesque - Baby Dolphin Safety Nail Clipper and File

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    A child's fingernails and toenails are very sensitive, but also grow rather quickly. If you are ready to start trimming your child's nails, it is important that you have the right tools. The Baby Dolphin Safety Nail Clipper and File from Japonesque is just the right tool for the job. The dolphin's nose has a protective cover so children won't accidentally cut themselves. When you take the cover off, you can start to clip their nails in a gentle way. Your child will never be scared of nail clipping time again because of just how adorable this set is! You will be able to trim and file their nails with no problems at all.

    • Gentle
    • Easy To Use
    • Smooth and Precise
    When clipping a child's fingernails, simply pull down on the dolphin's nose and that will remove the protective cover. Then clip your child's nails with the clipping end. Cover the nose to store the clippers.

    Product Type: Mother & Baby