Japonesque - Baby Alligator Hair Comb

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    Does your child have a sensitive scalp? Does it hurt every time you try to comb their hair? When you try the Japonesque Baby Alligator Hair Comb. This comb is not only adorable, but also very useful when it comes to combing young and tender scalps. Your child will think it is incredibly cute and there will be no anxiety when you have to use it on their hair. This comb is very soothing as well. When you use this Japonesque Baby Alligator Hair Comb, your child may even want to play with it because it looks like a fun toy!

    • Gentle
    • Easy to Use
    • Removes Tangles
    • Adorable
    Comb the Alligator Hair Comb gently through child's hair to remove any tangles.

    Hair Type: For sensitive baby's hair and scalp.