Ivy Leaf - Ivy Leaf Facial Scrubber


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    Exfoliates dead skin

    Rejuvenates skin

    Reduces acne breakouts

    Over 6,000 sonic pulsations per minute to remove dirt and grime

    Face Lifting

    The silicone brush system creates a gentle massaging action that stimulates micro-circulation, creating a firming effect on the skin.

    Deep Pore Cleansing

    The unique small ultrasonic brush is perfect for facial cleansing. It thoroughly removes dirt trapped in pores, hence reducing and preventing acne.

    Wrinkle Removal

    Unique brushes gently massage the face, stimulating blood circulation and cell renewal, reducing the appearance of fine lines. The Ivy Leaf® Facial Scrubber uses sonic pulsations that have been proven to not only penetrate pores for effective deep cleansing, but to also stimulate the blood to promote and maintain youthful-looking skin! It uses 6,000 sonic pulsations per minute, with the sole purpose of purifying and refining your skin. The flexible design makes this modern facial scrubber compact and travel-friendly with a full charge lasting for months. It easily fits its way into any skincare routine, bringing glowing and youthful-looking skin.

    Includes 1 lithium ion battery, 1 USB charging cord. Charging time: 1 hour

    Step 1: Apply Purifying Oil Foaming Cleanser to your skin.

    Step 2: Press power button on Ivy Leaf® Facial Scrubber and move the scrubber around the face in a circular motion. Do not keep it in one place for too long as it may irritate your skin.

    Step 3: Rinse with cold water to close your pores. Follow up with your Ivy Leaf® Concentrated Serum and Restorative Moisturizer when you are finished.