Illuminare - Foundation Brush

Illuminare - Foundation Brush

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    Taklon bristles and large oval tipHow do professional makeup artists achieve that "aribrushed" looking, perfect foundation finish? Our foundation brush is made individually by one of the best brush manufacturers in the country. Made of a super soft nylon, each imperfection seems to magically disapear even in the most difficult areas to blend; around lips, the delicate eye area, the bridge and corners of your nose. Also, it helps those who blend two of our foundation formulas or colors together with total ease. Results in perfectly distriubuted foundation that provides just enough coverage to cature light in all the right places. Too indulgent? Not for something you will use everyday, for the rest of your life. To clean, simply wash (bristles only) with shampoo or soap and water every 1-2 weeks. Do not soak entire brush in water.

    • product title:
    • Foundation Brush
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    • Makeup Tools for Face


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