GoSMILE - Touch Up (7 Count)

GoSMILE - Touch Up (7 Count)


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    (7 Ampoules)

    GO SMiLE's exclusive Ampoule Technology Delivery System lets you polish your teeth and keep them white with deliciously refreshing Touch Up ampoules. Get a "just-brushed" feeling - anytime, anywhere. Flip, Pop, Touch Up!

    Once you've whitened your teeth, use smile perfecting Touch Up ampoules to help polish teeth and keep them white. Just Flip, Pop, Touch Up after eating and drinking to help keep stains from setting on teeth. These portable, single-dose ampoules work like a mid-day brush, specifically targeting the bacteria that cause bad breath and refreshing the entire mouth, no sink required. And with a burst of delicious, refreshing flavor they may replace sugary candy or gum as your breath freshener of choice.

    Try all 3 of GO SMiLE’s NEW Touch Up flavors:

    • Fresh Mint
    • Watermelon Mint
    • Green Apple


    1. FLIP - Pull ampoule from outer sleeve. Flip the ampoule over and reinsert it into the sleeve with the applicator tip pointing outwards.
    2. POP - Center the ampoule between thumb and index finger. With the applicator tip pointing down, squeeze firmly until the inner tube pops. You've just activated the whitening serum. Continue to squeeze until tip is saturated with serum.
    3. TOUCH UP - Apply directly to each tooth’s surface in a circular motion. Avoid sensitivity by targeting away from the gum area. Continue to squeeze as you apply the serum until the ampoule is empty.

    Use up to three times a day to keep your teeth shiny and white!

    Net Weight: 0.02 oz. / 0.59 ml (x 7)


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