Gorgeous Cosmetics - Brush 032 Lip Pull Apart


    Brush 032 is a lip brush pull apart that neatly packs away into a small compact metal cover. Excellent for lip shaping. Brush up on beauty and be your own Pro Makeup Artist with a professional quality brush from Gorgeous Cosmetics. High quality makeup brush, for professional looking results & better application. With these elite tools in your hands, you will feel like the brush is doing the work for you, no matter what your level of expertise.

    Product benefits:

    • Professional results
    • Finest quality synthetic hair
    • Wooden handles to establish elite control

    Net Weight: 5.6 g

    Synthetic Hair
    This brush is perfect in a makeup artist's kit or in your handbag for touch ups during the day/night. Dip brush into lip product that has been dispensed and work product into the brush. Apply to lined lip in short strokes using the edge of your brush to give a sharp defined line to the boarder of the lips for a clean, polished lip look.
    Product Type: Tools for Lips
    Preferences: NaturalCertified Cruelty-Free